Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Disadvantages of a chair

The Disadvantages of a chair

  • You can't ride it
  • You can't wear it
  • You cant walk it
  • You cant bake it 
  • You cant eat it
  • You cant plant it
  • it cant protect your house
  • it cant protect you
  • you cant throw it like a ball
  • it cant play with you 
  • it cant jump
  • it cant do the Olympics
  • it cant skip
  • it cant roll
  • it cant run
  • it cant tell jocks
  • it cant fly

The Advantages
  • you can sit on it 
  • you protect yourself with it
  • you can stand on it
  • you can sleep on it 
  • you can eat on it 
  • you can sing on it 
  • you can dance on it 

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