Thursday, 21 September 2017


I believe that Labour will run our government because it is better and there are  people voting on Labour and they are helping people that live on the road to have a house which is very kind of them. 

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Lions & Tigers

                                                                   LIONS AND TIGERS

FACT 1: If  an animal comes along, the tiger will spring out, tigers cannot run fast for very long. It is not easy for a tiger to catch a fast-running pig.

FACT 2: Tigers stripes help them to hide in long grass. They lie in wait for deer or pigs near a water-hole.

FACT 3: A mother tiger is called a tigress. She has about three cubs at once. At first she hides them in a cave under a bush.

FACT 4: Most tigers live in hot places. They like forests and long grass.

FACT 5: A mother lion is called a lioness. Each lioness has two or three cubs at a time.

FACT 5: Lions are the colour of dry grass, and this makes them hard to see.

FACT 6: Tiger's can swim but lions are very scared of water when they go so close they can't even bear to put one paw in the water .

FACT 7: 9 Male lion's defend their territories while female lion's go and hunt for their prey's to eat.

FACT 8:  Tiger's are the largest cat of the cat family.

FACT 9: A lion and a tiger both have caine teeth

FACT 10: A lion and a tiger are both mammal's because they are warm blooded  they give birth to live young and they feed milk to their cubs.

Jonah Lomu

Yesterday we had to pick a person that is famous from New Zealand or just write about New Zealand I picked to write about a famous person from New Zealand. Our class had to have five facts about them.
So I did when was his birthday, When he died, and other information about him.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Getting Flash

I really wanted a puppy when I was six but my mum said no because I was still a little kid and I didn't know how to look after a puppy.

One morning I woke up and it was looking fine outside with the sunny weather and the fresh breeze. I walked out of my bed room still in my pajamas like I usually do. I went to the lounge and everyone was sitting there and they said "Happy birthday Ola!", the moment they said that I stood there like a statue. I was so embarrassed and shy because you know I was in my pajamas and didn't even brush my teeth, my hair was messy too. Half of them that said happy birthday Ola I didn't even know. they were probably from my dad and mums side. After that my mum said go and brush your teeth do your hair have a shower then come back.

Meanwhile I did all of those things and then I went to the lounge, my mum said go with your sister Pesi to get your cake from the Cheesecake shop and go and tell your cousin's I say hi okay.

When I kissed them I got to know their names Lika, Lani, Ameelia, Sina. My sister told them to go and hang out with my sister Cindy in the room. We got into the car and it was so hot because the sun was shining into the car through the clear glass window. It was so hot my sister and I had to roll down the windows. Well we were driving pass all of the shops air kept coming through the window and my hair was everywhere, in my face which was annoying me so I had to roll up my window.

When we entered the brown sliding door I saw all of these cakes with different icing which was different colours. My sister asked me what cake I wanted and I said it's so hard they all looked so nice and so amazing to me. My sister was actually getting annoyed at me so I finally picked a cake which was a vanilla cake with twirling white icing around it and a strawberry which looked delicious.

My sister went to call my mum for my surprise puppy that I didn't even know about but first she was going to drop me off home with my cake. As soon as we went home I got out of the car and went with my cake inside the house. I put my cake on the table and told my mum that my sister was going to get something. It was actually my puppy but remember, I didn't know anything about anything at all so I had nothing to do with it.

One hour later I was very busy my sister put my puppy in my room. Once I did everything it was time to open up my present's. I was excited and happy to see what was in there and see what I got. I opened all of my present's except for my surprise puppy I got. My sister Ceci came and gave me my surprise present it was very quiet but at the same time I was thrilled to see what was in the box. When I opened the box it was a cute red nose puppy, light gold soft fur with light blue eyes sleeping. I did not know what to say so I ran and hugged my sister Ceci then she said don't hug me hug mum she was the one that said to buy you your puppy then I said thanks mum while hugging her.

When my mum said come get your puppy and hold it while you blow your cake I went to get her out of the box and she was curled up nice and warm. I blew my cake and I made a wish. I cut me a piece of cake and it was a rainbow cake inside. I named it my puppy Flash.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

How much water do you drink?

                          INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT 

FACT 1: Male African elephant weights 6096 kilograms which is probably 20 pola bears.

FACT 2: Elephants keep growing for most of their lives. The oldest elephant are usually the biggest.

FACT 3: Elephants remember the call of over 100 other elephants, even  when it has not heard them for several years.

FACT 4: African and Asian elephant are different because African elephants 4 metres and Asian are 3.2 metres.

FACT 5:An  elephant can drink 180 litres of water every day can you believe that.

FACT 6: For the first three to four months of life, baby elephants drink about 12 litres of their mother's milk every day. After three months they start eating plants as well.

FACT 7: It takes time for a baby elephant to use it's trunk. Sometimes they step on it because it is long.

FACT 8: Late at night elephants will lie down and sleep deeply for 2 or 3 hours and the snore.

FACT 9: Elephants are world's largest land mammal.

Image resultFACT 10: They look after other elephants and likes to touch and cares it's friends.

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Day I was Spoiled

My favourite memory was when I was little. It was going to be my birthday and I was turning six years old. We went to the airport to get my aunty Hola and I was excited because she said she will take my cousin Pola and I shopping. I was really excited. When we got back home she opened her back and all I saw was heaps of clothes in her bag and underneath all of the clothes there were Coles cookies.

After that my aunty Hola asked my mum if she could borrow the car keys, my mum said sure you can but what for? then said "I'm going to go shopping with Ola and Pola but Ola is going to buy her own things since it's her birthday".

So off we went to the Warehouse, when we entered, well, I went running around and Pola was calm and I was still running around with the trolley. There were clothes, chocolate, shoes, ripped jeans, unicorn toys... I don't know why I bought that... I don't even like unicorns. When we went to pay for all of my things I saw how much it was and altogether and it was $11.00. That was so much that my aunty payed it for all of it.

We left the Warehouse and I whispered to Pola and said "She must be so rich". When we went home I put my things away and watched a movie. Then I had a shower, sat on my bed and then I went to sleep.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Welcome back to term 3

I am back at school everyone. I am not on the buzz to come to school today it is very boring. Today was quiet. Today at school I played with my friends. We were playing with the ball. When I woke up in the morning like I really don't want to go to school today it felt like a normal day like at home.