Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Back 2 school

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It's back to school everyone. Did you have fun on your first day? well I did. I had fun playing with with my friends and had fun learning new things.

Check Chunk Cheer ing

Today we did a follow up on the sound ing  because it was easy we managed to get a lot of ing words. The light blue box is mine,the dark blue is Malia, Black is Brazie,Red is Tristan.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Kiwi in the city

My partner Malia is going to memories all the pest that need to be inside at all times. there are 8.

Malias answer
north island robins
Malia only got 5 right and missed 3

The answers were
giant weta
North island robins

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Fakaola learning Goals Reflection

This is my learning goals from term three so far I have achieved these three.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


I believe that Labour will run our government because it is better and there are  people voting on Labour and they are helping people that live on the road to have a house which is very kind of them. 

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Lions & Tigers

                                                                   LIONS AND TIGERS

FACT 1: If  an animal comes along, the tiger will spring out, tigers cannot run fast for very long. It is not easy for a tiger to catch a fast-running pig.

FACT 2: Tigers stripes help them to hide in long grass. They lie in wait for deer or pigs near a water-hole.

FACT 3: A mother tiger is called a tigress. She has about three cubs at once. At first she hides them in a cave under a bush.

FACT 4: Most tigers live in hot places. They like forests and long grass.

FACT 5: A mother lion is called a lioness. Each lioness has two or three cubs at a time.

FACT 5: Lions are the colour of dry grass, and this makes them hard to see.

FACT 6: Tiger's can swim but lions are very scared of water when they go so close they can't even bear to put one paw in the water .

FACT 7: 9 Male lion's defend their territories while female lion's go and hunt for their prey's to eat.

FACT 8:  Tiger's are the largest cat of the cat family.

FACT 9: A lion and a tiger both have caine teeth

FACT 10: A lion and a tiger are both mammal's because they are warm blooded  they give birth to live young and they feed milk to their cubs.

Jonah Lomu

Yesterday we had to pick a person that is famous from New Zealand or just write about New Zealand I picked to write about a famous person from New Zealand. Our class had to have five facts about them.
So I did when was his birthday, When he died, and other information about him.